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- is not founded in pure theory. As a young woman, who is a patent-pending inventor and an aspiring entrepreneur, I was shocked to learn that the gender gap is even more pronounced when it comes to formal ownership of intellectual property. Women are as, if not more, creative than men, so keeping their innovation dormant is detrimental to society and keeps them away from creating wealth for themselves and their family. 


My grandmother rose from being a refugee from Africa and poverty, and my mother went from a struggling first-generation immigrant to a businesswoman who could provide for her family. I’ve attempted to create a system where my family’s successful rise from poverty is not unique, but rather the norm. I am using as a platform to help my peers through the process of ideation and patenting. I have matured this idea by  attending The University of Michigan to study business and information studies. 


Many successful women who have broken out of poverty or defied traditional female stereotypes already support and have provided resources and knowledge for the participants

Rupal Gadhia 

Vice President, Branding and Communications at GENPACT

Harvard Business School 

Carol Goss

Former CEO of the Skillman Foundation

Fellow in Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University

University of Michigan  

Karen Palka 

Founder of A Beautiful Me 

Macomb Community College 

Mary Petrovich

Chairman at AxleTech

Operating Exec., Carlyle Group

University of Michigan

Harvard Business School

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